Why Well Slept?

CBD helps you sleep. Fact. And eve sleep's been around since 2015 with the sole ambition of giving the world the sleep it needs to rise and shine. Lots of so called 'sleep products' are pure woo-woo (we know. We've tried them all). But CBD isn't. And the more we researched, and the more we tested, the more confident we got that eve + CBD was an absolute no brainer for sleep. Well Slept, by eve was born. Try it today. Be well slept tonight.

  • THC free

    Our products are ridiculously well lab tested and guaranteed to be free of THC. That means no wooziness, no weirdness, no wonkiness. Just sleep when you want it.

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  • no hype, no woo-woo, just results

    We only offer CBD products that we know will improve your sleep. That means the right dosage, delivered in the right way, with the right supporting ingredients

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  • nature's gift for sleep

    Mother nature's remedies have been used for sleep since time immemorium. Our CBD products are 100% natural, using the accumulated knowledge of centuries to help you sleep tonight.

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