How will I feel when I take CBD ?

How will I feel when I take Well Slept CBD?

You’ll not feel much at all! Our CBD is THC free, so there’s no ingredients in it that will affect how you feel or how you perceive the world. And you won’t feel drowsy, or instantly want to fall asleep, fear not. CBD is not a sleeping pill. You’ll need to take our CBD regularly - we suggest nightly for at least two weeks - before you start to enjoy the superbly easy sleep it brings. This is because you need to gradually build up the CBD in your system. You’ll notice, however, that after around a week, you’ll find dropping off to sleep a little easier. And after two weeks you will feel the full benefit, becoming genuinely Well Slept.

Will this solve all my sleep problems?

No. CBD is not a magic elixir (it’s a pretty special bit of the hemp plant though…). You’ll need to do all the right things to be ready and comfortable enough to sleep. Make sure your room is dark, quiet, and relatively cool. Make sure your bed, and your pillows are comfortable. (People often forget pillows. Don’t!). Click here to have a look at eve’s range of mattresses and here to look at pillows if yours are ready for a change. Even something as simple as a topper can make all the difference to your physical comfort. And try and give your brain a bit of warning that you’d like it to settle down to sleep. Close the laptop, and put the phone down a good two hours before lights out. If you possibly can, spend a little time in bed before you finally turn off the lights doing something peaceful. Read a book, listen to a podcast, maybe some relaxing music, or drift off to some mindfulness or meditation. Then all that’s left to say is…nighty night.

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