The history of CBD

Where does CBD come from?

CBD comes from a plant called ‘hemp’. In many people’s minds that has strange overtones, with the iconic ‘hemp leaf’ often used as a symbol for marijuana or cannabis. But hemp is one of the earliest crops cultivated, used to make rope, textiles, and clothing, as well as food. Hemp seeds, seed oil and hemp protein are widely consumed, and have been a core part of the diet since medieval times.

The hemp plant, where CBD comes from, and the other strains of cannabis plant, which illegal drugs are derived from, whilst closely related, are not the same. They do both contain CBD. But the main difference is that the strains used for cannabis, or marijuana contain THC. THC is the stuff that famously makes people feel weird, wonky, and woozy when they consume illegal drugs such as cannabis. Hemp, which is used to make CBD, has almost no THC content, meaning CBD products, that are THC-free, won’t make you feel in any way ‘odd’. All Well Slept CBD products are rigorously tested and 100% THC free.

Is CBD a new thing? 

It’s not. CBD usage has been recorded many thousands of years ago, and since ancient times people have understood its useful effects on reducing pain, calming the mind, and helping sleep. The first documented use of CBD in a medicine is around 5,900 years ago, in 2,737 BC. That’s right. BC. CBD has been used to improve wellbeing since ‘before christ’! 

How does CBD work?

CBD works by balancing out some of the drama going on in your brain. Your brain often gets excited, whether by stress and anxiety, pain, or just the craziness of the world it’s living in. Your brain loves a bit of drama. You know that phrase ‘a rush of blood to the head’? That literally happens, along with a rush of lots of different hormones. But drama’s not great for sleep. It’s the drama in your brain that keeps your mind whirring into the wee hours, or wakes you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. CBD helps balance out that brain drama. It helps regulate the floods and droughts of hormones and blood that your brain experiences, keeping them to a more steady and manageable flow.  


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