Our mission

Mission. It's ever such a grand term isn't it? But in this case, that's just about right. We have a very grand mission, and it's one that we know will make every single person who comes into contact with us just that little bit happier, and healthier. We're here to give everyone the sleep they need to rise and shine, making better sleep, and better mornings an achievable ambition. Our sleep is under attack. From businesses that literally profit from keeping us awake (yes, we're looking at you facebook) to employers that profit from our nights spent worrying about the to-do list. We're on the side of sleep. And that means developing products that genuinely help you sleep better in a world full of over hyped and underdelivering sleep cures. ('Woo-woo', we like to call it). We only stock products that we know work. From our best in class mattresses over at our parent brand, eve, through to the incredible pure CBD oil you'll find here at Well Slept. Everything we do, we do for your shut eye. For the sleep you deserve.